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Welcome to the new look Physical Addiction Health and Fitness Website , which is all about telling you what we have here at Physical Addiction Health and Fitness Centre, where we have a passion for Group Fitness Classes / Free Weight Training / Cardio Training / Personal Training / Massage / Nutrition.

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                               FRED ROBINS                               Owner/Operator

                             FRED ROBINS 


                                JANETTE FRY                                     Manager

                              JANETTE FRY


                            KYLIE PEARSON                                 Manager

                          KYLIE PEARSON


6 Week Challenge


Sculpt Your Body to Perfection with a 6 Week Challenge

  • 3-55 minute fat blasting muscle defining sessions weekly
  • Non Intimidating.
  • Exercises For All Levels and Abilities
  • Pre & Post Fitness Assessment
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Weigh-Ins Available
  • Uncover Your Strengh & Amplify Your Energy
  • Expect Fantastic Results

Zumba Fitness


ZUMBA classes are packed with super popular dancing 

ZUMBA classes are packed with super popular dancing steps, pulsing Latin tempos and  easy to understand workout routines. Zumba really is a stimulating dance celebration which will have you moving your body and shaking the weight off fast!

You will work your whole body from top to bottom with ZUMBA and attack the many stubborn areas including Abs, Butt and thighs!

Come shake that booty and join the Zumba Party today.

Personal Training


Personal training is for you if you are:

  • A beginner, intimidated by weight equipment and unsure of correct exercise technique
  • Experienced and training hard but not getting the results you're looking for
  • Needing to lose body fat
  • Having a hard time sticking with a program
  • Bored with your present routine
  • Injured or suffering from a medical condition
  • Wanting to train for a special event 

New to fitness? All of our memberships come with a free beginners training session to help orient you to our facility and help get you started with confidence.